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MEP Home Maintenance LLC, P.O. Box 66594, Dubai, UAE


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MEPSilver Care
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2 Bedroom
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Please return this completed form together with payment to MEP Maintenance LLC, P.O Box 24941.Dubai U.A.E.

Terms & Conditions


1.1 “Customer” means the person entering into this agreement with MEP;

1.2 “Customer’s Premises” means the domestic residential address as per completed contract;

1.3 “Home Maintenance Packages” are the „MEP Silver Care, and „MEP Gold Care packages of the Services and „Package shall mean either one of them;

1.4 „Services means the services detailed in paragraph 2 but always excluding the main exclusions detailed in paragraph 3;

1.5 „Annual Contract “means the 12 month period from the commencement date as noted below


2.1 The Services to be provided by MEP to the Customer in the Customer’s Premises during the annual contract comprises of three components:

Non-Emergency Maintenance:

-Air-conditioning – labor relating to the repair of air-conditioning problems (i.e. water leakage through ducts, blocked filters, etc.).

-Electrical – labor relating to changing of fuses; short-circuit problems, distribution board problems, repair of light fixtures due to power problems.

-Plumbing – labor costs relating to malfunction of water closet toilet mechanism, blocked toilet, broken faucets/valves and leakages in kitchen or bathrooms installations i .e. dripping water tap, minor leakages at sink fixtures and related piping works, low or no water pressure.

-White Goods – relating to connecting/disconnecting of nonintegrated white goods to existing utility service points.

Emergency Maintenance:

-Labor relating to a complete failure of the  air-conditioning system, electrical power and water pressure system or a major leakage/flooding that could be classified as a high risk to health and safety of the occupants or threatening the integrity of the building interior or structure

Scheduled Preventive Maintenance (SPM):

-Labor relating to routine checks of the air conditioning units/systems (i .e. FCU, split, packaged window and wall units). Filters, evaporator coils and condensing coils will be checked and cleaned according to manufacturers recommendations. Gas and oil levels will be checked and rectified if necessary. Condensate drain, pipes, and fittings will be tested and cleaned. All controls, both electrical mechanical and electronic will be tested.

-Labor costs relating to routine check of the electrical switch gear from main distribution board panel to returning neutral lines will be tested and certified clean according to manufacturer’s recommendations. Earth leakage tests on all outlets to be completed and documented.

2.2 The number of SPM visits forming part of the Services during the Annual Contract is limited depending upon the package selected by the Customer. SPMs shall be conducted at times mutually convenient to the Customer and MEP.

2.5 The Services only covers the cost of labor and consumables. Any spare parts that are required shall be charged to the Customer at cost plus 10%.


3.1 The Services do not include without limitation the following: -repairs to household appliances

-repairs to chillers/chilled water refrigeration plants, Primary/ secondary loop water systems, pumps, plate coolers, control valves, BTU meters or distribution services;

-repairs needed as a result of design faults or faults which existed before customer entered into the contract

-repairs relating to damage caused by adverse weather conditions, accident, fire, lightening, explosion, a failure of the public electricity or water supply and any faults or damage normally covered by insurance.

3.2 MEP shall not be held liable for making good when a Service under this contract requires the employees of MEP to

Remove or break any fixed/ permanent installation, in order to reach the serviceable or repairable item. All works that require the expertise of another specialist or are not easily accessible or require an unforeseen investment of time or third party costs are not covered under this contract.


4.1 MEP will aim to meet the stated guarantee times for responses and provide the Services unless it is not able to do so because of events beyond its control such as fire, accident, war, adverse weather conditions, traffic or industrial strikes.


5.1 Payment should be made annually in advance by either cash or cheque. Cheques are to be made payable to MEP Home maintenance LLC.


6.1 If the Customer sells the Customer’s Premises this Annual Contract may be transferred to the new owner of the premises for the remaining balance period of the contract by informing MEP (change subject to a nominal administrative fee).


7.1 Any additional work/service requested by the Customer and not forming part of the Services shall be chargeable to the customer


8.1 MEP reserve the right to immediately terminate this contract should the Customer fail to pay any charges within 15 days of issue of invoice.

 8.2 If MEP terminates this contract – as a result of provision of paragraph 8.1 – then any unpaid charges for the contract period shall become due and payable immediately.

8.3 Should the customer wish to terminate the contract for whatever reason during the contract period, the following terms will apply:

1)30 days notice must be provided by the Customer in writing to MEP Home Maintenance Services LLC.

2) Termination by the Customer within 4 months of contract commencement date: a fee equal to 2 months of the annualized contract value will be levied by MEP with the remaining contract value refunded to the Customer.


9.1 This agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the Emirate of Dubai and the applicable Federal laws of the United Arab Emirates. Any disputes shall be decided exclusively by the courts of Dubai.

I, the undersigned hereby agree to the above Terms and Conditions of this binding contractual agreement


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